Our Story

As with many businesses we didn’t start our journey here. Established in 1992, we employed only 12 people in our small but successful ensemble where we initially supplied extruded cereals and textured proteins to manufacturers. The extrusion business continued to grow and we now supply a vast array of different products to customers ranging from major global brands to artisan creators.

Over time, Brecks has harnessed the synergy between extrusion and meat-free processing to become a European market leader supplying UK retailers and the European, North American and Asian markets with high-quality vegetarian and vegan products. Come today, the original facility employs over 100 people, with all facilities fully BRC accredited.

The Protein snacking category is the newest addition to our rapidly expanding business. The emerging market gives us the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our protein ingredients, high-protein snacking products and other new developments which are relevant to the 24/7 lifestyle that many people now live.

Another path in our varied journey was the acquisition of Honey Monster in 2016. We are now guardians of the brand (and other Brands too) and plan to move Honey Monster into the 21st century with a new line of more health conscious products without leaving the original concept behind.

With over 25 years of experience and knowledge you are in safe hands. We work closely with our clients to ensure we hit our targets and goals.

We are always striving for advances in our products and new technologies that will aid us to the next step in our journey. Equally we believe the journey, just as it did not start here, will not end here either.

Our site is fully BRC accredited.

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